Over the Moon

The other day I got a chance, finally, to visit our pal Leslie Cooper at her brand new Over the Moon Farm, sweetly populated with four young Cormo sheep.  These little guys came from Juniper Moon Farm in Virginia as a prize in Susie Gibbs' flock giveaway contest.

I'm happy to report that Leslie is doing a fabulous job with these sweet sheep, spending hours and hours with them every day, just to enjoy their company.  Her spinning wheel lives at the barn and she spends lots of her time making art yarn and communing with the sheep.

I haven't learned to tell them apart, but she knows each sheep -- its personality, quirks, and preferences.  What a precious shepherd.  Leslie has big plans for this little flock, and is taking each step with careful planning and intention.

And she just bought her first pitch fork.  If that doesn't seal the deal, I don't know what would.


  1. Way to go, Leslie!!!! Glad you had a chance to visit, Cindy, and for giving us a report with photos!


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