Sweet Day on the Farm

Some days are just more relaxed and easy-breezy.  We had a day like that today.  Even with a lovely group of first graders from Faith Lutheran School, and my last class with Spinning Student Meg, it felt more like the Saturday of a three-day weekend, rather than the Tuesday after one.

The kids today were a blast.  My own daughter went to Faith in the first grade and it was so fun to see her teacher, Mrs. Kueck again.  As I expected, the kids were respectful, well behaved, and curious.  They loved all the critters.

And Meg finished her spinning series with a bang.  She told me about the moment last week when the light bulb went on, and it all suddenly made sense.  Don't you just love that part?  I remember that moment in my spinning life, too.  Magical.  Now we're looking out for a wheel for her.  If you know of a used Ashford Traddy or something similar, please let me know.

I spent the afternoon shopping at my favorite little feed store for some stuff like sheep feed and hay, and then Tractor Supply for other stuff.  Bought chicken feeders and chick starter, and felt like an excited new farmer all over again.  The folks behind the counter know me by name, and the congenial relationships are their own special kind of comfort.

Also contributing to my ebullient sense of well-being is that the yard is still looking freshly mowed, and the chicken coops are spick and span.  Tidy makes me happy.  It's getting hot again, but not hot enough to steal my joy while working on the farm.


  1. Your day added lots of nice feelings to my day, also. :-)


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