Weasel, the Rock Star Chicken

Today, Gail did a fantastic job teaching a group of newbie chicken owners about basic poultry care in our Backyard Chickens 101 seminar, but she was completely upstaged by her own chicken.

Weasel came along with Gail because she's such a great PR chicken.  The pretty black sex-link hen had had a stroke a while back, and so she drags one leg and doesn't try to run away.  She has a very friendly, inquisitive personality, so she's perfect to take along to help people get used to the idea of touching chickens and working with them.

First of all, she showed up in her chauffeured limo, eating oatmeal out of a spoon.  That kind of set the tone.  Then she showed off by hopping into her portable hen house and laying an egg.

While Gail lectured, Weasel ate mulberries off the ground, and investigated all the painted toenails in the crowd.

Everyone had to have their picture taken holding her.  She's going to be hard to live with for a while.

Meanwhile, away from the chicken folks, the sweet LRB knitters and spinners were working away, glad to be in the air conditioning, out of the hot sun and summer heat.  What a great day...

Next week it's Barn Sale Day - come at about 10 AM or so and choose from a delicious variety of yarns, books, magazines, and decorative items for sale, and spinning wheels, etc. on the (silent) auction block.  The weather looks good so far.  We'd love to see you...

Enjoy the weekend!


  1. Anonymous6:19 PM

    Loved the article and pictures of Gail and her chicken. Alpacamama

  2. Anonymous7:00 AM

    Laughed out loud when I read about Weasel laying the egg. You did a good job of putting the whole Weasel story into words. (I am failing at the putting words together right now, as you can see.) I felt as if I was there, painted toenails and all!! Thanks for your blog. Fran who found you at JMF.

  3. Anonymous1:57 PM

    This would be the kinda Hen Foghorn Leghorn would love to have as his wife!!

  4. Great post...I see some of those toes were curled in the hopes of being missed by chicken lips.


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