When it Rains, it Pours

Two months' worth of rain is expected to fall today, and with it, the temperatures.  Now, I am giddy at the prospect of more sweatshirt weather, in May, but some of the critters aren't quite as pleased. 

Ruthie doesn't even feel the rain under all that Pyrenees fluff, but the lambies are a little chilly.  Not sure I can even catch them to put sweaters on...

The pups were completely soaked to the skin in their outdoor pen, ignoring the shelter of their igloo, which has served them well to this point.  I've moved them back to the shed to dry off.  When I say, "I moved them," it hardly hints at the wet-dog-mud-to-the-knees-wiggly-barking-dragging-pulling-sliding-rodeo that entails.  But that's why I get the big bucks.  And it's for a good cause: to get them ready for my ultimate puppy shuffle - Vanni will go back out to the yard, and Tella will stay in the shed, as they begin their work in separate paddocks.  Funniest discovery today: Vanni's voice has changed.  No more puppy bark - we're hearing a Big Boy Bark from now on.  WOOF.

The sheep are the best prepared for this change of weather, with enough wool and meat on their bones to repel the wet and cold.  Some are happy under cover...

...while others ignore it and spend time pulling leaves down off wet tree branches.

The chickens are not overjoyed at the prospect of a whole day in the coop, but they have pretty good attitudes.  Maybe they know that this kind of weather invites the raccoons and coyotes to hunt more boldly during the day, and that's just too dangerous.

The creek is up, but not in any threatening kind of way.  And the rain should finish up later this evening.  I hope it gets to all the places it needs to go for the future of the summer crops.  The consolation is that the cool temperatures will keep the snakes from mobilizing.

The alpacas always look so miserable when they're wet.  And a couple of the thinner ones needed their coats to get warm.  They don't like it, but I've closed them together in a stall to concentrate their body heat, and so that the little guys don't get forced out into the rain all day.

I will be so happy to see the sun tomorrow.


  1. Your pics and stories always bring a smile to my face. If I didn't live so far away I would be there to help you out and watch the antics in person.

  2. Thanks, Suzanne - I appreciate knowing you're with me in spirit... ;-)

  3. Hope you got some beautiful sunshine today!!


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