Chez Vanni

The farm hosted a bunch of amazing VIPs on this blister-raising summer day.  Lots of work got done, progress made and sweat poured.  Tonight I want to show you all the progress made on the puppy pen in the south pasture - where Vanni will take up residence soon.

My great friend Robert Morris, from the Father's House in Dallas, and two of his young friends came up to help me cobble together a very nice pen in the alpaca pasture where Vanni can hang out and learn his job, away from his sister, and under the tutelage of Ruthie the Nana Dog.

Robert, Steven and Eric worked through the heat, making it look so easy.  We anchored the pen to the large chicken coop to increase the dog-protection factor for the chickens, and also to help give Vanni some protection from the rain and sun.  It's not his permanent home, but it will be his near future home, and any enclosure is a valuable asset to the farm, now or later.  Now it's time to make Vanni's appointment for his, um... altering, and when he comes back, he'll move straight in to his new digs.

We had several other amazing visitors today, but I'll tell you about them tomorrow.  We're all plumb knackered tonight, and it's time to turn in.


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