Even More Babies

For a farm that doesn't breed anything, there sure are a lot of babies around here.

Today Jennifer and Claire came by with three new guinea chicks, or keets, for us to raise.  Some school kids had hatched them out, but since school is over today, the babies needed a new place to live.  At first I wasn't sure where to put them, but I decided they could share the tractor with Momma Hen and her four chicks, and see if Momma would at least tolerate them.

Jennifer and Claire's Keet Delivery Service
 So far so good.  And if they grow up believing that they are chickens, they might actually live to maturity.  I sure am enjoying the two eggs I'm getting every day from our two adult guinea hens.  They're small and hard as rocks, but taste awesome.  When I collect a dozen or so, I hard-boil them for snacks. 

Everybody pulls their weight around here.


  1. How are the new babies doing with Mama Hen? I loved the taste of those guinea eggs you shared with me last visit. Gives me kinder feelings toward the noisy pea brains.


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