My, How You've Grown

Ready for a puppy update?  Check out these sweet little fluffballs who are just over six months old:

Vanni the Magnificent, whose back hits me about mid-thigh height.  He will officially take up his new residence in the alpaca pen with Ruthie next Tuesday.  Pray for us.  He will be very sad to be away from Tella.  I've waited way too long to do this.  But we'll all get through it alright.

Tella the Dainty is slight, next to Vanni, but she has a big presence when it comes to guarding.  She is as smart as a whip, and will learn her job in no time.  Judah will appreciate her company, I'm sure, because he has missed having Ruth in the sheep pasture with him. 

Both dogs are already showing guarding behavior, and yet, they are as snuggly as kittens with me.  They are so dear to my heart.

Why did I wait till the heat of summer to start training these dogs in earnest?  Maybe the heat will take some of the edge off of the Frisky Factor, and they'll settle down to their jobs.  You'll have a front row seat for all the crazy excitement.  Stay tuned..


  1. Anonymous12:35 PM

    Vanni might miss Tella something fierce but Ruth will make him feel better!!


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