New, Improved LRB - You're Invited

We're not finished yet, but I think you'll like the changes that we've been making to our sweet LRB.  There's plenty of room for everyone now, and lots of fun stuff to look at.  We're sorting, purging, thinning, expanding and honing our vision with razor-sharp focus.  And the best is yet to come.

In fact, you'll find some of the very nice things we're re-homing, out on tables in the front yard - still some goodies left over from our big sale a couple of weeks ago.  Let's keep spreading the love...

Inside, we have some things available to make your knitting and spinning life more fun, like KnitPicks needles, spinning fiber and hand made jewelry...

Hmmm - what's going on here?  This space is a work in progress.  Can't wait for the Big Reveal.

It's not really scarf or heavy shawl weather, but I like to put stuff out I've made to inspire me to make more.  Who knows?  Someone may need a special gift, and here it will be, waiting for them.

Got your official iShepherd at Jacob's Reward Farm shirt?  We have them in several colors and sizes.

Still some hand spun Jacob yarn available, marked down to sell.

Our new friend Kris is a talented illustrator, and designed these notecards for the New York Sheep and Wool Festival in Rhinebeck a few years ago.  She still has some available, so check them out in the LRB.  Very nice Blue Faced Leicesters on the front, aren't they?  Makes me want to spin some BFL!

As always, great company, inspiration, laughter and goodies are waiting for you tomorrow in the LRB.  Hope you can join us.


  1. Keep your shawls on our farm visit this week in the 90 degree weather, I sold an alpaca chullo hat. You just never know! The LRB looks great!

  2. Thanks, Momma Juvie! Your farm looks like mine, with all the visitors and fiber demos... kindred spirits! Thanks for your encouragement...


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