Sweet Bedfellows

The heat has driven everyone into the barn under the fans these days.  Somehow under these extreme conditions, everybody manages to get along just fine.  I'm sure it helps that Ruthie is just the embodiment of calm and peace, so she really encourages everyone to relax.  The sight just makes me well up with joy, and love for them all.

Tonight, Ruth was out patrolling the grounds, and I just couldn't help recalling how puny she was at this time last year.  If you'll recall, she spent the entire summer in the air conditioned comfort of my living room.  But now, after eight or nine straight months on the job, she's lost a lot of that extra weight, her bum leg is so much stronger, and she is tolerating the heat very well.  We keep brushing her out, and so far, she's doing fine.  She loves her job.  The power company trucks are going up and down the road again, and she gives them a good scolding as she chases them up the fence line--I mean, she can book.  It's amazing to watch.

I grabbed a couple shots of the momma hen and her four chicks just before lock-up time.  They got to free range for the first time, and I think they really enjoyed it!  The chicks are really funny looking.  The two with slate colored legs also have funny little top-knots, and one of them has a couple of feathers on its legs.  

I happen to know there's a Silkie rooster where these babies came from...  Who can even guess their actual pedigree?

This evening and tomorrow, we may actually get rain, and top out under 90 degrees.  This could be really wonderful. 


  1. Great photos! Love the one of the whole gang together, and of Ruthie running, and the sunset! They're all great!

  2. Thanks so much, Jenn -high praise from you! It was as awesome sunset tonight wasn't it? Even more fuschia than my camera could capture. Low light is still kind of tough for me. The critters won't stand still!


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