Trial by Fire

Thank you to Dina, who hostessed the Third Saturday Spin/Knit In at the Little Red Barn today.  I got to attend the baby shower for a very dear friend of mine in the morning, and couldn't be both places at once (still working on that).  She did a terrific job making everyone feel at home until I could get back to the LRB after lunch. 

And not only is she a great hostess, but she has turned my hand spun yarn into a gorgeous scarf!  She bought this sparkly pinkish yarn at our Big Barn Sale a couple of weeks ago, and has given it a life and a purpose beyond just entertaining me while I spun it.  That is awesome, and it makes me smile all over.  It has new dignity, too -- I was calling it Barbie Barf, but she has re-named it Ashen Roses.  Dina's so classy.

I missed seeing everyone who came to the LRB today, probably because the heat drove them away before I could get back.  My wonderful AC/heater unit that has served me well for years, all of a sudden can't keep up with our Texas temperatures, and it was kinda toasty in there.   Asbestos Awards to everyone who stuck it out to the very end...

Elizabeth and Hanane, who I met at the DFW Fiber Fest.

Kris visits with Ashley, who's just back from her honeymoon.

Smokey, dead to the world.

Dina and Peggy - no heat will keep them from their wool and mohair.

Kris gives her Golding spindle a spin.

Elizabeth admits to finding some hand spun yarn on the sale table.

Jill came back to the barn after a long absence - welcome back, Jillers!
Next weekend, we gather at the LRB again - hopefully with cooler temperatures inside than out.  I'll also be doing a presentation on Landscaping with Native Plants, if you'd like to join us for that at 10:30.  Just let me know so I'll have enough materials for everyone.

Summer in Texas isn't so bad - if we spend it having fun together!


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