Auntie Gail is Back

As I continue to celebrate my birthday week, I count as one of my greatest gifts, the recovery of Farmhand Gail from surgery last week.  Wow - that kind of thing will really knock the wind out of you, and our Gail has been fighting to get back in the saddle like a real cowgirl.

This morning I got to visit with Gail's son, daughter in law and grandson, who just had to come out and visit The Farm during their trip to Texas.

The animals were all very happy to see her, and not just because she carried the grain bucket out to them.  We had to watch her like a hawk so that she didn't overdo on her first day back in the pasture, because that's her usual M.O.

Next week, we'll have the adventure of getting Vanni to the vet twice - once for pre-surgery blood work, and once for the Big Snip.  This should be fun...


  1. I'm thrilled to see Gail is feeling good enough to be out and about. Give her a big, get totally well hug from me.


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