Banishing the Collar

Today was the day Vanni and I had been waiting--nay, aching for - the stitches were scheduled to come out, and with them, the need for the horrid eCollar.

The vet's office was a bit crowded this morning when we showed up for our suture removal.  The lady in the waiting room with the little Pekinese mix asked me why Vanni, such a big dog, was being neutered.  I told her that he was only seven months old, and she nearly dropped her teeth.  But I always enjoy a chance to talk about the Maremma breed, and explain about the wonderful job they do for the farm and the stock, and why they need to be so big.

After a little wait, the tech took us back for the quick snip, and I realized there was only one stitch involved.  Shoot, I could have done that myself.  (Oh well, Vanni got another car ride under his belt, and he's doing better and better every time.)  Off came the nasty, much-worse-for-wear-totally-trashed eCollar, and the Vanster was free.

Back home in his pen, he just couldn't get enough rolling and rubbing to make up for those ten days of imposed incarceration.  He is one happy dog.  Our walk this evening may be really exhilarating. 

Just about then, a tiny cloud passed in front of the sun, easing the scorching feeling on our skin, and we gave thanks.  It probably went from 103 to 98 degrees.  Sure, we'd love an overcast sky, or maybe a brief monsoon, but we'll take whatever blessings come our way, and be grateful.  A great day all around.

Next month, when the vet budget recovers, Ms. Tella will keep an appointment with Dr. Wallis for some re-plumbing.  I can't even imagine what it will be like to keep that crazy girl in a collar...


  1. Anonymous7:42 PM

    that was my thought too, about doing yourself. I am guessing the separation of the pups turned into a non-event?

  2. The puppies did cry when I separated them, but just a little, and now they seem absolutely fine. I'm walking them around their paddocks every night, and hopefully soon, they'll be safe to leave out with their stock. I have to remember, though, that they still are puppies, and don't always know their own strength - the rule of thumb with LGDs is "no babies with babies" which means Tella and the lambs could be a problem. But we'll just keep working with them and monitoring their maturity. Just like kids, eh?

  3. Very grateful that all is well with y'all.

  4. My dog just had a pesky dew claw removed (it had a tumor on the pad that caused the nail to grow in wacky and bad ways), and he doesn't chew or worry or lick at it at all. Does your vet give you the option to SEE if they need the collar? I just feel so bad for all of the heat and dirt, etc. Ours always throws it out there, and we've even taken it home once or twice over the years, but we usually don't need it.

  5. Since Vanni is outdoors 24/7 and I can't watch him all the time, the vet really insisted that he keep the cone on. If he was an indoor dog that I could watch carefully, we probably could have gotten away with it. But we both lived, and now he's free of it for good! Yay!

  6. Vanni looks like a goofy gangly teenager in the first pic! :D


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