Brave Pioneers

A small but intrepid group of spinners gathered at a new venue today - the Heritage Farmstead Museum in Plano.  Our friend Kris is a part-time employee there, and arranged for us to use the restored "Young House" to meet and spin together.

Now that the first spinning pioneers have been there and gotten the lay of the land, we want everyone to know it's safe to come join us.  We parked behind the grounds on a side street, had a special gate open for us, and a very short walk to the air conditioned building.  The space is perfect for our group - a nice size, restroom facilities, a place to set up snacks, and easy access to all of the neat amenities of the Farmstead.  Plus, it's old and awesome.

The old Young House
Kris made us an awesome sign.

A bit of local history...
In addition to spinning in that comfy setting, we wandered around the grounds of the museum to get a feel for life at the turn of the century, with all the vintage farm implements, old fashioned garden, beautiful farm critters, and a real experience of peace and quiet.

The matched set of draft mules that pull the farm wagon that Kris drives for visitors.

The next time we'll be at the museum will be August 6, for our rescheduled Art Yarn class with Leslie Cooper.  I do hope you can come be with us.  It's a treat...

If you're close to Plano, the museum is a fascinating educational excursion for your family or any interested group.  It's very inexpensive to get a very nice tour of the old family house (not the Young house) and the grounds.  They're also always wanting to train more folks as docents to interpret the museum and serve the community.  FYI.


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