Chillin' With Our Peeps

I sure needed this - a great Third Saturday with some awesome LRB ladies.  The AC was cranking and we were all more than comfortable.  We even banked enough cold to venture out and give Anela's out-of-town friend, Whitney, a tour of the farm.  She was keen on seeing an alpaca face to face.

Whitney, Anela and Levi
Drop Spindles, the Gateway Drug
The girls couldn't stay long, so before they left, we gave Whitney a crash course in drop spindling - just enough of a taste to whet her fiber appetite for more.  Anela was afraid to even touch the spindle until the moment (soon) that she leaps in with both feet.

Cold AC on a hot day enables Creative Superpowers
Mary, Dina and Peggy and I wiled away the rest of the time brainstorming about several projects I have in the fire, coming up with the most fantastic ideas and launching fresh project ideas.  The synergy was electric!  Great friends, great minds, great creativity, great support. 

Even I got to spin!
This is what it's all about, my friends.  And there's always room for more friends...  Come by the farm and pull up a chair! 

REMEMBER: Next Saturday, it's Art Yarn with Leslie Cooper at the Heritage Farmstead Museum in Plano - all the details are here...


  1. Sounds wonderful!! Glad you got to spin -- looking forward to hearing more about your new projects.


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