Fall is in the Air

Even as the landscape around me gasps for moisture and a breath of cool breeze, I'm turning my sights toward Autumn.  Our biggest annual on-site event at the Farm will be here in three shakes of a lamb's tail, and I so want you to be a part of it--the 2011 "Share the Harvest" Fall Gift Market!

Right now, we're looking for handcrafters and artisans who would like a booth in which to sell their wares at this year's Gift Market.  Happily, we've gotten confirmation that a bunch of last year's wonderful craftspeople will be coming back again - I'm thrilled.  But there's going to be room for more.  If you think your creations fit with the kinds of things that tickle and delight our Market visitors, please fill out our Vendor Application and send it in.  (If you'd rather, e-mail me and I'll send you a PDF version.)  The booth fee is only $25.  We love things like hand made jewelry, soap, candles, leather, photography, pottery, fiber (knitted, woven, raw, and ready-to-spin, etc.), primitives, paper crafts, one-of-a-kind art pieces, sculpture, and stuff like that.  Surprise us!

Last year, most of our vendors did very well financially, and all our visitors left with treasures under their arms and big ol' grins on their faces.  I'm really ready to start thinking about that, rather than this wretched weather - how 'bout you?

And looking ahead to tomorrow, remember that the LRB is open for spinning and knitting, and hanging with our friend, Lisa Randolph, visiting from the Lubbock area.  Bring your lunch or a snack to share and we'll make a great day of it.  It's cool and comfy in the Little Red Barn - perfect for working on our winter wearables...


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