Fifth Saturday Special Event

O Happy Day!  This Saturday, our friend Lisa Randolph from Shallowater, TX will be in town, and it's been so long since we got to visit, I'm opening up the LRB for a special Extra Spinning/Knitting Day. 

Lisa shows off some of her alpaca's fleece samples.  Gorgeous stuff...
Lisa and her husband live on a 400 acre cotton farm out west of Lubbock where she also raises angora bunnies and alpacas.  Like us, they have been sweltering in this summer's heat.  In fact, they've been experiencing the worst drought in, oh, a hundred years or so.  Their cotton crop has tragically failed.  No cotton.  At all.  Thank the Lord for insurance, but this is not the way to get rich farming.  We had planned to add cotton to our shares this year from Lisa's farm, but Nature had other ideas.  Next year.

Some of last year's incredible cotton.
Anyway, Lisa will be in town and I want to welcome her to the LRB for some happy camaraderie and fun on Saturday.  You're eagerly invited to be with us in the cool studio with all your fiber friends.  Lisa will have just come from a cotton-spinning workshop down near Waco at Homestead Heritage (I love that place), so maybe she'll give us some cotton-spinning tips!


  1. Anonymous1:15 PM

    Tears for Lisa and her 'no cotton'. I hope you can have shares next year, I'll buy one!

  2. I'm so sorry that I'll have to miss Lisa's visit. I have a little cotton patch in my backyard from the seeds she gave all of us last year. Please give her a hug from me, ask her to come back soon, and tell her we will be praying for rain so that her farm has a bumper crop of cotton next year.


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