Learn to Spin Art Yarn

I've been looking forward to this special workshop all year -- our own Leslie Cooper will instruct us in several of the basic "art yarn" techniques she's gleaned over her entire spinning history.  You're invited to join us Saturday, July 23, 11 AM to 2 PM, at a very special location: the Heritage Farmstead Museum in Plano.  (No spinning at the LRB this time.)  We can hold a couple dozen spinners, so bring your friends...

Art yarn is very popular right now, I believe, because it encourages us to break out of our ruts and try wacky new things... things we might never have tried before.  Like mixing wild colors, exotic textures, eccentric add-ins, and out-of-the-ordinary plying techniques.  It challenges us to re-define what makes "beautiful" yarn and tempts us to suspend our need to make "functional" yarn.

Are you up for adventure?

Leslie had one ginormous "eureka" moment a few years ago when she touched her first fiber, bought a wheel, and learned to spin, all in one weekend.  I'm serious.  It hit her that hard.  And since locking on to her true love, she's honed her skills at creating gorgeous art yarns, and creating the art batts they come from.  Her brand new fiber farm, "Over the Moon Farm" is her amazing dream-come-true, with its flock of fine-wool Cormo sheep.  Leslie's a devoted student of art yarn guru Lexi Boeger, also known as Pluckyfluff.  She has attended Lexi's intense workshops on both coasts and also in Dallas, putting her money where her heart is.  And she's agreed to pass on the love...

Here's the best part - this intro workshop is really affordable at $20, plus $30 for three amazing one-of-a-kind art batts, if you need Leslie to provide the fiber for you.  You may also opt to bring your own fiber and skip the materials fee.  We'll each pay Leslie directly at the workshop.  Pretty sweet, yes? 

There are chairs at the Farmstead, but if you have one you like for spinning, bring it along.  Also bring a sack lunch - we'll have drinks for you.

Please let me know by e-mail if you're coming, by Wednesday, July 20, and whether you need materials, so that we have enough for everyone.  We're going to have a blast!


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