Pedi Party

I'm still enjoying a really wonderful birthday tonight.  I've been showered with love and good wishes from tons of friends who come from every era of my fifty-some-odd years.  It's hard even to imagine what technology has enabled.  Thank you, Ravelry and Facebook.

And today, I had my very-first-ever-in-my-life Pedicure.  My friend Laurie treated me to this amazing hour of indulgent wonderment.  They have these cool back massaging chairs that give you a serious working-over, and my new friend Jenny put like 18 different products on my feet and legs, from scrubs and lotions to hot paraffin and steamy towels.  Whoa.  I see a bad habit about to form.  Does everybody do this?  Good grief, it's better than finding cash in your coat pocket!

I have to admit to a lot of trepidation before I went in.  I mean, my feet were in horrible shape - they're farmer feet, and I was afraid a farrier would have been more appropriate to handle the mess, at least the first time.  Time to trim the hooves, you know.  But they tell me that mine weren't the worst they've seen, by far.  Really?  I think they need to make more money, if this is the case.  Finally, I was able to relax and have fun.  Everybody was very nice, and if they made fun of me, it was in another language, and I remain ignorant and blissfully unaware.

But the best part is, I have sparkly toes.  I think I can honestly say I've never put polish on my toes before.  I don't usually want to draw attention to the mud-slogging, callus-wielding, chigger-bitten feet that get me around the farm every day.  But now... sparkles.  How. Grown. Up.

DH and I enjoyed a nice Chinese buffet before I ran home to finish up the feeding chores.  The animals don't give a flip about it being my birthday - they want their supper and they want it now.

But the dogs thought the sparkly toes were really, really, fab.


  1. Glad to hear you received special pampering on your birthday. I've only had a pedicure a few times but it was perfectly luxurious -- loved it. Keep celebrating!


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