We're spending the majority of our animal care time working to keep everyone protected from the heat.  For the dogs, that means brushing, brushing, brushing out the fuzzy undercoat that continues to let go.

Ruthie loves this so much she drifts off to sleep while Ted takes the coat rake to her.

I even brushed out enough in one sitting from our boy Vanni to spin up a small skein, just for grins.  Didn't even card it - just spun it from the handful.  Check out the halo -- it's like bunny fluff.

And then I go out in the afternoon and give the poor alpacas a spray to help them dissipate the crushing heat.  Today I was inspired to wax poetic about my daily waterplay with the camelid boys:

It was mid-day in summer
And all through the yard
Not a creature was moving,
And the sun beating hard.

The alpacas and chickens
bedded down in the stall
With fans blowing hot air
Over top of them all.

For no love or money
Would they come outside.
Nope, not even for carrots,
And believe me, I tried.

But my secretest weapon--
One they cannot resist,
Is the hose from the garden
Turned full-blast, not just mist.

First ol' Gizmo, then Moonie
Appear at the door,
Then all 9 crispy 'pacas
Charge out at me full bore.

I spray off their bellies,
Their tootsies and legs,
Then they lift up their tails--
"Spray my privates!" they beg.

I cannot begrudge them,
It's hot, don't ya know,
And they're all from the mountains
Where there's acres of snow.

An alpaca in Texas
Has a tough life, it's true,
Keeping cool in the summer
With a coat from Peru.


  1. Anonymous6:19 PM

    Loved your "Alpaca" Poem! Alpacamama

  2. Excellent poem! But what's a "tootie"? *:)

  3. Grins, giggles, and guffaws. Bless your sense of humor.

  4. Karelin - it's what you get when you ignore your spell check warning. Thanks for the heads up! ;-)

  5. Anonymous12:17 PM

    Are ya sending that skein to Susan??? I have a cat, Freddie, orange marmalade tabby, that I save his fur, it's such a lovely color. Wish I had done it from the beginning, I could probably have enough for a sweater!! But then, could I wear it once he is gone??? Love the post. Gives me hope I can do something with fiber one day, in NE FL...

  6. Love the poem Cindy! BTW Do oyu have PIMMS over there? We've been drinking it with strawberries floating in the top. Ice cold, it's the most refreshing fruity drink in the world!


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