Vanni to the Vet (Part 1)

Finally everything lined up and Vanni began his adventure to adulthood.  Tomorrow is the big Procedure, but today we had to go in for preliminary bloodwork.

He feels safe in the truck, wedged under Emma's legs.
I'm finding all the places his education has been neglected to this point.   He had no idea how to get into the truck.  Emma and I lifted all 90 pounds of this seven-month-old puppy into the back seat of the truck and trundled off to Dr. Kerin's office.

He immediately endeared himself to the staff, who couldn't believe how laid back and calm he was. 

They had me wait outside while they drew his blood, fearing that my presence would make him nervous.  Please.  He hardly has enough blood pressure to stay vertical.  He didn't even notice the stick, and was done before they could believe it. 

This dog is gorgeous and overflowing with love, and he's still just a pup.
Vanni the Unflappable.  Let's hope that holds for tomorrow's surgery.  When he comes home tomorrow, he'll move into his new home in the alpaca pasture.  At last!


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