Vanni to the Vet (Part 2)

What a silly, precious dog.

Vanni had no trouble getting into the truck for the second trip to the vet, but he didn't know what he was in for, or he might not have been so enthusiastic.

Tella figured out she was going to be alone again, and registered her concern.  She was still a little nervous about things when I returned and gave her breakfast, but the heat of the day soon stemmed her energy and her need to protest.  Like everyone else on the property, she just sacked out as the oppressive heat grabbed ahold of the day.

The vet called after lunch to say the Vanni had come through the surgery just fine, and was sleeping off the anesthesia.  We drove back to pick him up just about supper time.

He was very happy to see us and immediately piddled on the floor.  His favorite vet tech, Angela, was happy to scritch him and mop up discreetly.

All the way home he rearranged himself, trying to maneuver with the soft plastic eCollar banging into everything in its path.  Emma got a big kick out of his goofy attempts to escape its boundaries.

Now he's living in the new puppy pen in the south pasture where he can get acquainted with the alpacas and chickens, to whom he has had little exposure so far.  As expected, his presence in the pasture is a bit alarming to them just yet.  They'll adjust.

I thought you might enjoy a little live action puppy footage:


  1. Anonymous8:17 AM

    Why is it I want to start singing, "Vanni, Vanni, Vanni, Vanni and the Vets................."

  2. Anonymous8:37 AM

    This is Brian's new video to obsessively watch. He loves your animals! :)

    Anna (anon bc it won't let me log in with Google profile w/o starting a blog. Whatever.)

  3. Anela4:26 PM

    Puppies! SO CUTE!!!

    My dog had a couple of dewclaws removed when he was fixed. He also had to wear a cone. EVERY SINGLE DAY that little bugger managed to work around the cone and chew off the bandages on his legs and get at the stitches. So the vet, after our third day back to have the stitches fixed and new bandages off, said spray the bandages with pepper spray. Silly puppy STILL somehow chewed everything off.

  4. Rachel Barnes10:40 PM

    Poor Vanni.....he is wearing the "Cone of Shame". :)


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