Windfall of Wool

After all, the farm is called "Jacob's Reward," right?  And yet, with only three Jacob sheep in the flock, our percentage of Jacob wool is a bit low, compared to all our other fiber.

Enter, sweet Julie.  Jules and I hooked up on Ravelry.  I found out she had a stash of Jacob fleeces she had scored from a breeder, and had been using in her business, but now needed to get out of her garage.  Julie is a budding shepherd (YAY!  Another new shepherd-woman!!!) and hopes to be moving to farmland soon. 

Julie - sweet mom of two little boys, and nearly-a-shepherd, helps me cram 35 fleeces into the Olds.
I traversed the metroplex to visit her and check out this wool.  It was a lot.  Thirty-five fleeces.  And me without my pickup truck.  Oh well, let's press the Oldsmobile into service as a farm vehicle, shall we?  Yes We Can.

Fortunately, Jacob fleeces aren't really huge, and as well all know, wool squishes down nicely when you apply a little muscle.  It looks a heck of a lot fluffier here than it did in the trunk and back seat of the car.

Not all of this wool is baby-butt soft, but some is.

And I believe all fiber has its purpose - even the scritchy stuff.  We'll put it to good use, you can count on it.

Thanks again, Julie, for sharing your stash with us!  And best wishes as you start your own shepherding journey!  Mwuaaaa!


  1. Anonymous9:45 PM

    what fun!! My toyota corolla thinks it's a pick up truck, along with many other vehicles, including a porsche... (don't tell HER she only has 4 cylinders...) Way to go Julie, good luck with your shepherd dreams!!

  2. I need to make some pillows for kids to sit on the floor during story time. Maybe I can get some of the scritchy stuff as part of my CSA share? Congrats on the car full of fleeces and to Julie on her generosity, which will return to her overflowing.

  3. Hey Elizabeth - this scritchy wool won't be part of ANYBODY's CSA share - we'll separate it out and you can have all you want!

  4. Would love to buy some of the scritchy wool for a wall hanging/floor piece monster I'm planning, if there's any left over...


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