Chain Link and Clouds

When it rains, it pours.  It's raining blessings, anyway, if not the wet stuff, and I'm exceedingly thankful.  What fun to find yourself in the right place, at the right time, with your hands open to receive them.  I actually got several gifts today, not the least of which were my friend Anela's sweet company and assistance.

Last night I got the usual influx of e-mails from my Freecycle group, which I seldom have time to scan.  This time, however, something caught my eye - eight 6' x 10' chain link panels and gates, free for the toting, if they weren't already spoken for.  I shot off an e-mail to inquire.  The lady said they were still available (JOY), so I made arrangements to pick them up this morning. 

Enter, Anela.  We had previously planned to work on fleeces together today - Anela is a budding spinner and is interested in learning all about fiber from the hoof, up.  But in light of the new development, she kindly consented to help me load up this goldmine of fencing panels.  The deal also included a small Rubbermaid storage cabinet.  Yes!

We weren't exactly sure how we would load these things in my pickup, but I had faith that we could do it.  Even if we had to make more than one trip.  So we put our thinking caps on and our shoulders into the lifting, and Bob's your uncle, the whole lot was on the truck.  A slow, careful ride home and we were done. 

Finally after a glass of cold water and a snack, we were ready to actually attack the job at hand - skirting and picking fleeces.  Dear Anela had never gotten to wallow up to her neck in alpaca fiber before, and I was honored that her very first time was here in the back yard.  I'm afraid we may have created a monster - or at least a new fiber addict.  If she didn't already adore the alpacas and sheep, she really does now.

There still may be more fiber to fondle on Saturday if you'd like to come spin/knit with us at the Little Red Barn... 10 AM, coffee's on... we'd love to see you!


  1. What a lovely day! And the fiber looks especially gorgeous! So feathery...


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