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It's always really hard to describe how much fun we have when pals gather at the Little Red Barn.  Snacks, jokes, swapping knitting tips, oohing and aaahing over show and tell objects, coffee, philosophy, art, recipes, guffaws, sharing heartache and joy, and soaking up life like there's no tomorrow.  Oh, and cake.  Sometimes we have cake.

Here's just a taste:

Joanne's cool hotpads.
The earlybirds.
Hanane and Dina discussing the finer points.  Of something.
Hanane strings beads onto roving for incorporating into her hand spun yarn.  Really.
Anela starts the second pair of socks.
Knit, knit, knit.  Around and around.
Virginia builds a log cabin.
Leafing through patterns.

Rita knits Brenda's bride's maid shawl.  Yummy.
Joanne protects herself from fuzz.
Peggy spins sari silk and learns how to let the lumps go by.
Laurie is absolutely sure.  About something.
Listening with love.
First mittens!  And alpaca, to boot!
Anela and the First Socks.  You go.
Angela just soaks it all up.  We heart you, Angela!

And then, after the crowd dispersed, another Saturday treat - Barney and Joyce Terrell came by to deliver our tri-looms and easels for next Saturday's class!  What a delight those two are...  So skilled and passionate...

Smokey would like to learn to weave.  With all the looms at once.
Barney tempts me with a BIG loom and easel.
Joyce works off a finished bib-scarf in a fancy-schmancy novelty yarn.  
Even though our weaving class on the 27th is pretty much full, I will have extra looms in the barn for sale if you'd like one.  I could be talked into a private class if you weren't able to get a spot in our group class.

In the meantime, keep knitting and spinning, and remember - if you need a barn fix, just call.  The door's always open.


  1. Laurie10:19 PM

    OMG ! I am sure about this: I sure am glad I came today and I'll block off more Saturdays in the future. For Sure !!!

  2. Looks like fun, and would LOVE a triangle loom to add to my collection!

  3. hmmm, now I'm wishing I'd ordered a easel too. Oh well, I'll make do Saturday and get one the next time.

  4. Actually, Judith - I got enough for everybody, just in case we changed our minds.... you're good to go!


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