The Fun Police

Tonight I had started to shoot some photos of our collection of beautiful white dogs, but that will have to wait.  Instead, in the process, I learned that we have an assertive alpaca in our herd--a guard alpaca, if you will.  One of the least likely.


It was beginning to get dark, and I had let Vanni out into the pasture for his evening romp.  He started jumping and leaping around Ruthie, again, trying to get her to play.  At first, she just snarled at him and wouldn't budge, but eventually, she actually got up and started chasing him and doing a bit of romping herself.

Enter the Fun Police.

It seems that Noah has very little tolerance for canine shenanigans, and isn't afraid to step in and put a stop to all rough-housing.  It makes sense, when we remember that his buddy Fancy Shoes was killed by a neighborhood dog only a few months ago at his previous home.  Now, he's not taking any chances.

I have to say that I was very surprised.  Noah is about at the bottom of the alpaca pecking order in the herd, but while the herd is busy munching their sweet feed, Noah has his eye on maintaining order in the pasture.  It looks like Vanni will have to tone down the kookiness unless he's prepared to face off with a cranky alpaca.

Go Noah.


  1. Maybe he wanted to play with Vanni?

  2. Guard 'Pacca' should get him a bit of a higher standing in the herd.


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