Land of Enchantment

Just when the day-in-day-out work of the farm, and this heat begin to wear me down a little, we have some visitors who remind me afresh why we're here.  It's always a gift to me to see the farm through the eyes of newcomers.

My friend Anela, self-proclaimed Farm Missionary, brought a couple of her friends over to see what all the fuss and passion is about.  A beautiful mother-daughter team, Daniela and Sarah came to meet the animals, especially the alpacas.

Sarah is off to Italy in a few days to begin her education in engineering - wow.  And even though she lingered with the alpacas, and enjoyed their curiosity, soft fiber, and big liquid eyes...

...she was equally fascinated with the spinning wheels, and how they work.  

Daniela took it all in and took lots of pictures to carry the farm home with her in images.  She'll be our newest egg customer as soon as the girls start producing back at optimal levels.  Anela and I are planning to lure her into the fiber trap with knitting and spinning lessons soon.  Once someone puts their hand into a bag of luscious alpaca fiber, it's all over.  Am I right?

I was happy to reward my zealous Missionary, Anela, with some Hawaiian trinkets I was trying to re-home.  I have a couple of small porcelain vases that were all the rage back home, but just don't go with my current decorating style.  Anela is one of the few people who really appreciates Hawaiian things (she teaches hula), so she's the perfect steward for the vases.

Thank you, Anela, for bringing new converts to the farm, and for allowing us the privilege of welcoming you all.  We'll see you back here soon, for lessons, 'K?


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