Making Lumps and Bumps and Bling

Thanks to Kris and the Farmstead Museum in Plano again today for hosting our informal Art Yarn workshop, and big thanks to Joanne Pohlman for providing the gorgeous batts and locks!

Kris adds some bling-bling to her beautiful home grown fiber, spinning on her new Indian Head Spinner.
We made some very cool core-spun yarns, whispy mohair lock yarn, and added some sparkle with Angelina and sequins!  Wow!  As usual, the possibilities began to multiply in our brains like bunnies...

Joy works to get the perfect tension setting on the Matchless.
Hats off to our brand new spinner, Joy, who joined us and broke in her spankin' new Schacht Matchless with a bit of colorful yarn.  She's getting better and better with every minute logged at the wheel. 

Kris picked a cotton candy colored batt to learn the core spinning technique.
 We really only had a short time to work, so I'm really proud of all we accomplished.  The cool thing about the museum is that sometimes visitors poke their heads into the Young House and we get to demonstrate and explain what we're doing.  Today, a family visited who had actually been looking for a way to get spinning lessons... how's that for serendipity?

Dina, a self-taught spinner, works with her new wheel and new techniques.
We love the LRB, but sometimes it's just fun to get out and visit a new space.  I've mentioned before how comfortable the Young House is for a group of spinners to spread out and make themselves at home.

Peggy goes to town with her core spun yarn with Joanne's luscious fiber.
If you missed today's art yarn workshop, stay tuned.  This is a spinning style that's going to be around for a long time.  We'll be happy to get you up to speed.

And there are still a couple of spots open for the tri-loom weaving workshop on the 27th.  E-mail me for details.  And have a wonderful weekend!


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