A New Way to Weave

Jill shows off her finished piece.
Sure, most of us made potholders as kids and understand the basic concept of weaving: over, under, over, under... And a couple of us even have more advanced weaving skills using big equipment and fancy patterns.  But the magic of tri-loom weaving is something completely different.

Judith weaves a light, airy, cotton triangle.
Our class of six ladies today caught on remarkably quickly, and everyone took home a completed weaving.  Barney Terrell's looms are lovely - light and strong - and made the work really fun.  Everyone had a different kind of yarn, and it was fascinating to see how each one took on its own personality as it was woven on the loom.

Brenda wove with a sparkly lux hand spun yarn.

Karen wove with Madeline Tosh.
Sharon worked with a pretty dark rust acrylic.
LuAnn, visiting from out of town, knits some, and helps the ladies concentrate.
Tri-loom weaving feels like playing a harp...

Kathryn adds fringe, and ...
I'd love to teach more people this very fun technique - please let me know if you'd be interested in a private or small group class on an evening or weekday.  I think the group really enjoyed themselves!

Judith's finished cotton triangle, ready to take off the loom.


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