Saturday: Weaving in the East, Spinning in the West

More hot days ahead, but Saturday is chock full of cool fiber fun choices.

The Tri-Loom Weaving Class will go on in the Little Red Barn - we have 6-7 folks signed up, and I want everyone to have enough space to move around and weave their little hearts out.

But I don't want the spinners and knitters to be missing their time together, so our friend Kris has graciously opened up the Young House at the Heritage Farmstead Museum again for anyone who's in the market for some serious spinning and knitting collaborative time.  Just add snacks.  Kris says she'll put the coffee on.  Regular times: 10:30 to 3 PM or so.  Thanks, Kris!

The Young House is such a nice place to work with fiber.
If the tri-loom class filled up before you had a chance to sign up, don't worry - I'm starting a list of folks who'd like a second class scheduled before too long.  Please let me know if you'd like to be on the list.  Comment below or send me an e-mail.  It's so fun, and Barney's looms are such beautiful tools!  And now we have some incredible tri-loom project patterns by Midge Jackson for sale as well!  You can have your holiday gift projects cranking out right away...  it's a thought...

Is it fall yet?


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