Snow in August

OK, not real snow - wouldn't THAT be nice - just fluffy soft white alpaca fiber.  Pounds and pounds of it.  Today I spent time out under the trees doing the final skirting, sorting and picking of the white fiber so it's ready to go to Spinderella's.  Tomorrow - the grey, then brown and fawn.  Nom nom nom.

The days of the year are marching on and we're furiously working to get the share fiber ready to send to the mill.  So far, we're ahead of last year, which was ahead of the year before.  We continue to refine our systems, so that we can get the harvest distributed to our sweet and patient shareholders as quickly as possible.  I'm so excited to show you the kind of fiber we're getting both from our own animals, and also from our wonderful affiliate ranches all around here.

And speaking of affiliate ranches - it turns out we'll have cotton in our shares after all!  Lisa and her husband found a bunch of gorgeous cotton they had held back from last year that they are going to share with us (pardon the pun) for the 2011 fiber harvest!  Sa-WEET.  Thank you, Randolphs!!

It looks like we'll have a good bit of dyeable white fiber, so think about signing up for Laurie's dyeing workshop coming up next month.  (Stay tuned for more details, soon.)  You'll have your skills on board and ready to turn loose on this gorgeous fiber.

My goal is to have all our fiber ready to put in the mail by the end of next week.  The wool washing is almost complete.  If you'd like to come by and help do a bit of alpaca fleece skirting or picking next week, please let me know and I'll work with your schedule.  It's a fun job, but always better with friends.  You'll get a sneak peek at what this year's fiber shares are going to look like...  Oh, my - drool time.


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