Tella's Turn

While Vanni has gotten most of the recent press here at the farm, Ms. Tella and I have been working on getting her better equipped to make the move to the big sheep pasture on the north side of the property, and teaming up with Judah.  She has a ways to go.

But she really, really wants to have a job - it's in her DNA.  Slowly but surely, she's calming down around the sheep, and when she gets too familiar, the sheep correct her.  As soon as I can pull it off, I'll move her to the other side, to meet the bigger, meaner sheep (when it comes to strangers, and dogs) and also to get her on board with Judah.  So far, he's not too keen about having Tella as a pasture-mate.

We have to take it slowly.

In the meantime, here's a look at our sweet girl, in all her impish puppy glory:


  1. Yep, she's still a puppy! ;)

    Sure sounds hot there with those locusts or whatever making their summertime noises in the background. (Glad we're up north this week!)

  2. Well, I was very surprised at Phoebe's assertiveness. She really gave Tella what for! Thanks for this video update. Keep up the good work with Tella's training. She's learning.


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