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Another personal indulgence, if you'd be so kind.  This week Wednesday, I got to go back in time and revisit my golden college days.

My friends Ken and Cyndii Lane were involved with me in the drama department at Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, and after all these years, I find that we've ended up just a hundred miles apart.  Ken is a Presbyterian minister, and this week he was working on his church's Vacation Bible School program.  He has been to the farm a couple of times while in Dallas for work, so he knows we're all about wool and spinning.  He invited me to come up and be part of his church's VBS program for one night.

This particular program takes the participants back in time to the days of Jesus, and the town of Nazareth.  Ken got to play the rabbi, complete with prayer shawl, yarmulke and shofar he had brought home from a trip to Israel.

Cyndii has used her dramatic and musical skills to good effect as a pastor's wife, and during the program she led the group in some beautiful singing and dancing as a part of the festivities.  (Sorry about the blurry low-light photos.  I just couldn't interrupt the singing with an obnoxious flash.)

But I was really there to teach about sheep and shepherding and spinning wool - a big part of life in the first century.  As usual, the kids caught on to spinning very quickly.  I loved watching their faces as I described the process of getting the fiber from the field to fashion.

And who could resist these little faces when they beam up at you, thrilled at their accomplishment?  This little guy is wearing a wool bracelet that his mom helped him spin.  It's a rush, I tell you.

After the VBS program, we went back to the Lanes' house to spend some really fun time talking about what has gone on in the past 30-odd years.  We regaled each other with stories from the drama productions we'd done together, and the crazy college antics we shared.  I felt a strong pull to be back in those exciting days of camaraderie and challenge, of venturing out and growing up.  How sweet to relive the best parts of our young adulthood, and that place in our maturation where we really started to spread our own wings. 

Wanna rocket back in time with me for a minute?  Here's me and Ken (and my roomie, Donna in the lower corner) in our production of Godspell:

And the whole cast:

Reliving those olden days with Cyndii and Ken made almost feel 20 years old again.  That was pretty awesome.


  1. What a wonderful opportunity!

  2. Cool VBS ! and I see your daughter in that picture with Ken!! really, what a nice opportunity to go back in time for a little bit.


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