Tonight's the Night

Vanni is graduating to the Big Pasture.

Goofy, but not a threat to the livestock.  Time for some On the Job Training.
Each night at the end of my evening rounds, it is my habit to let Vanni out to play while feeding the alpacas and Jacobs.  Tonight, I noticed that Ruth and Vanni were really enjoying each other's company.  And Noah the Guard Alpaca didn't feel compelled to interfere, if Ruthie was keeping up her end of the carousing.  He seems to be able to tell when she needs defending and when it's doggy-wrestling-by-mutual-consent.

So, since there seemed to be social order in the pasture, I've decided to let Vanni stay out overnight.

Nanna Ruthie will watch over him.
I'm sure everything will be fine, but again, I feel like my baby is growing up (my gangly 90 pound baby) and I'm having to give up some control.  It's just another transition.  Transition is change, and change is unsettling, but usually for the better, and it always passes. 

Tella is a doll, but she's not ready for prime time.  Still wants to use the sheep for playmates.
I know...  As I write this it feels like I'm overreacting.  But each of my babies is special, not just to me, but to you, too.  If anything goes wrong, we're all invested.  I want everything I do -- every way I husband these animals -- to succeed, and work out in the best interest of the puppy, in this case.

So I'll try to sleep tonight, and I'll let you know how it goes...  I'm truly excited after all these months to put Vanni on the job, even as a beginner.


  1. JPaul7:56 AM

    I hope Vanni had a good night! If not, try, try again. He's such a sweet guy, but adolescents of every sort produce such anxiety. Hope he followed Ruthie's lead and stayed in the pasture like a good boy.


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