The Very Busy Puppy

We made it.  Vanni spent his first night in the Big Pasture and was curled up in the mud with Ruthie when I went out to feed this morning.  He looked pooped.

But actually, the most obvious sight when I opened the gate was a pile of alpaca food pans in the middle of the pasture.  It seems our little boy has a bit of an OCD issue.  At least he's the orderly type.  He had carried every one of the pans out of the alpaca pen and tossed it into a pile in the middle of the pasture.  I am still laughing.

He was happy to see me and came up for his morning scritches, but then went back to lie down in the mud with his buddy.  I really do want him to bond to her and to the pasture, and begin to call the whole place home.  Hopefully this will keep him from wanting to roam.  To begin, we're just going to do nights.  I have to separate them when they eat anyway, because Vanni is a major Nosy Britches, and Ruth then has to defend her food.  So tonight after they have their supper, we'll do this again.

I think this time, I'm going to make sure the water hose is out of reach.  That could have been bad.  Silly boy...


  1. laurie12:31 PM

    Verrry sweet ! NIce to know he was awake and busy!

  2. MissMoosey on Ravelry1:03 PM

    Way to go, Vanni! I am so proud of him!

  3. That's hilarious! My sister had a Siberian Husky about Vanni's age who loved to pull things (go figure) she'd pull the lawn mower out of the shop and drag it around the back yard. One day she found the water hose and pulled on it until it broke the waterline (PVC) 18inches below the surface of the ground! We had a geyser! Putting the hose away is a good idea.

  4. Best laugh I've had in a while. Good herding instinct but the focus needs a bit of a tweak!

  5. So funny because his Mama, Lucy, does the EXACT same thing. She sorts things into piles too. One pile for found deer bones (hunting lease behind the farm where they field dress their deer.) Another pile for the garbage she collects when it blows in to the pasture from the road.
    Just realized I'm making our farm sound awful. It's not that much garbage, she just likes it to be just so.

  6. It doesn't sound that bad, Susie - it's the same here. I never cease marveling at the assortment of literal garbage that blows into my pastures every week. It's a constant job keeping it picked up. Nice you have Lucy to help keep it corralled!


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