We're in Lock Down

The Heavy Equipment arrives on the scene.
Sometimes in winter, I pray for just enough snow or ice to keep me housebound for a couple of days.  I need permission, it seems, to just hunker down and work on creative projects or get to some deep cleaning that requires several hours of uninterrupted concentration.

Step One - Grind Up Old Bumpy Asphalt
And now, to my surprise, my prayer is answered in high summer.  Today, there's a contractor out on the road churning up all the asphalt, packing crushed concrete, and re-laying new asphalt.  I can't go anywhere.  They warned me on Friday, so I've been planning for my incarceration.  (And if you've been on my road lately, you know how badly it needed the work.)

Judah runs the fence line, keeping the evil men and machines out of his pasture.
The dogs are a little freaked out by all the noise and heavy equipment on the road, but eventually they'll settle down and let the guys do their jobs.

Tella has worn herself out barking.
Vanni is mainly interested in breakfast.
Ruthie is satisfied with a job well done.
So, I can't go to the bank, can't go to the feed store, can't go to the grocery store.  Whew.  Guess I'll just stay here and get some big jobs done.  Except for the heat, I'm anxious to go back outside and work on alpaca fiber again.  There's still a lot of planning to do for this fall's Kid N Ewe Fiber Festival in Boerne, not to mention our own Fall Gift Market in October, and the yarn line, and the tri-loom class, and the new inventory... 

Emma prepared, too, for her day at home - she invited a friend to spend the night last night, and they're busy cleaning her room.  I see she's learned from my example that it's always more fun with a friend.


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