Mud Just Strengthens Our Resolve

It hasn't really rained enough to move the little orange floaty in the rain gauge since about May -- until last night.  And this rain wasn't a frog-strangler by any means, but we got bona fide squishy mud in the pasture out of it.

So today in the LRB, several knitters braved the humidity and, finally, seasonable temperatures, for a day of visiting, snacking (thanks again, Hanane) and knitting.  Nobody minded that the coffee pot malfunctioned and we had to strain the grounds with our teeth, or that the sheep escaped their temporary pen in the yard and started eating the shrubbery.  Those things were quickly put right. 

Today was Knitting Day, by gum, and some of us made some impressive progress on our projects:

Kris started knitting with this cool lacy sparkly novelty yarn she picked up at the Woolie Ewe.  Once she figured out the system, that scarf started growing inches in minutes.

Anela brought her mom, Mona, out to the LRB to experience the fun first hand, and to try to get her hooked on fiber.  (It's working.)  On another front, Mona and I got to spend a little time reminiscing about our growing up in Hawaii.  She and I actually graduated from the same high school in the little bumpkin town of Wahiawa on Oahu.  What.  Are.  The.  Odds?  I'm still amazed.

Hanane worked on a cute top-down baby sweater in a sensible acrylic yarn.  She and her friend Denise will be two of our vendors at the "Share the Harvest" Fall Gift Market coming up on October 15th.  Can't wait to see the cute things they're making for sale.

Anela wanted to introduce her mom to Ruthie and Vanni before they had to leave for the day.  Of course the dogs were overjoyed to greet visitors - muddy faces and all.

 Too bad Vanni is so hard to get along with.  Snort.  Gonna have to face it, he's addicted to love.

Feeling uncharacteristically antisocial, Smokey spent most of the day in a cardboard box I'd left on the bench outside the LRB.  Not sure what got into her, but she needed some alone time, apparently. 

Rita managed to finish a socklette here at the Barn, between wedding planning and preparations.  She fears not the Kitchener.  What an inspiration...

Dina was here today, too, dispensing wisdom and keeping us laughing.  But with her Ninja powers, she somehow managed to escape getting her picture taken.

What did we tell you, Kris?  You're almost finished with that very cool scarf in one sitting.  Looks like I might need me some of that fancy yarn.  It's magical.

Here's the label, in case you're interested in it for yourself.  Pretty, pretty stuff that Kris says comes in lots of colors.  Hmmmmm....

Me, I still have amigurumi on the brain, and I'm working on a new creature.  You'll see it when it's finished.  Crochet is fun--it's like building with Legos.  And you know how fun THAT is!

Yes, I know it was Spin in Public Day, but (and this will shock you) we just can't do everything.  After last year's fiasco, we decided to just chill out and relax today.  Kind of a nice break from all the busy preparations for the fantastic stuff that's coming at us quickly: dye workshop next Saturday, Fall Gift Market in October, Kid N Ewe in November, and sometime in there, a CSA share harvest! 

If you spun in public today around DFW, we'd love to hear about it!


  1. oscar (see picture on the left) said in he doggy way, human, you keep cool your way, we doggies will do it our way!" spinner me? no! spinner watcher, me? o, yes! it's the most calming thing in the world!

  2. Yes, I got hit with the "just can't do everything" yesterday, despite my best efforts to make it to the barn! I miss you guys SO MUCH!

  3. Anonymous9:10 PM

    I use to live near Wahiawa while I was in the Army. Finally got the computer up and running.


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