New Beginnings as Fall Approaches

Good Egg
One of our new hens laid her first little egg today.  Good girl!  I'm sure it's the recent lovely weather that brought on this fresh productivity.  Today was absolutely heaven.  And I had so much work to do inside, I almost missed it.  More of that where all good weather comes from, I'm sure.

Our little spring chicken is a big girl now...
We'll be spinning together on Saturday at the Little Red Barn if you're in the area.  Not sure if it will be wet or dry out, but who cares, as long as it's not 100 degrees, Amen?

A quick word of warning - this weekend is the Plano Balloon Festival, so if you're coming to the farm from the west, take Bethany or Parker, NOT Spring Creek, which is blocked off between Jupiter and Parker.  Stop and enjoy the festivities at the Balloon Festival on your way over if you like - it's always a lot of fun.

Kris, Mary and Gail skirting Samson's Jacob fleece.
This week at the LRB, again depending on the weather, I will probably be outside at the skirting table, working feverishly on share fiber.  If you'd like a quick lesson in skirting a raw alpaca fleece, please wander over to the back yard for a little instruction.  There's still so much fiber to get through!

What a way to go...  See you Saturday at 10 AM-ish...


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