Rolling Up Our Sleeves

Up till now, the oppressive heat has kept us from tackling a few jobs around the farm, but now it's time to apply some elbow grease.  Tomorrow, I'll be working on a couple of tidying-up projects, and would love some company and conversation if you're in the area. 

GrandmaTutu Tidies Up the Sheep Pen
You're also invited to don a pair of work gloves and join in, if you'd like.  Nothing too tough, but as they say, many hands make light work.  Our big Fall Gift Market is coming up quickly, and I'd love to have the place looking really spiffy for our vendors and guests. 

Laurie's Eyes and Hands Prepare a Fleece
Would you like to get your hands into some beautiful alpaca fleeces?  Need an impromptu lesson in skirting?  That's on the agenda for tomorrow as well.  After visiting with Lynn, our processor, I've decided that letting her do most of our work for us this year will put our share harvest and distribution too far behind.  So the duty's back in our court, and there's much to be done.  We want that fiber back as quickly as possible for our wonderful shareholders.  I want to thank Laurie, Barbara, and all the other helpers who have gotten us as far along as we are on the fiber effort.  Mwuaaa!

Fiber Ready to Mail
The weather looks like it is going to heat back up a little next week, so I'm motivated to take advantage of our cool mornings by getting a bunch of outdoor tasks accomplished.  Would love to have you out to the farm to play or hang out!

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