Stash Busting for Fun and Profit

We're hard at work here at the farm, stash diving to put together enough goodies for a table at Whole Foods in Fairview this Sunday.  They offered crafters a table to sell our wares, with 15% of the money going to their special kids' charity, "Whole Kids."

How could I pass up a chance to reacquaint myself with my beloved stash, sit and crochet for a few hours, spend the nice fall-ish afternoon at Whole Foods, and make a little dough for some wonderful children.  Hard to lose, huh? 

It's finally the time of year, isn't it, when the heat has backed off a bit and we can start getting back into our wool crafts with vigor.  Even after I thinned my stash drastically early this summer, I still have plenty of yarn to play with.  I'm thinking of working up some of my beloved hand spun for this great event--why leave it lonely on the shelf year after year?  I thought Christmas had come when I popped open that tub of hoarded yarn I had made myself.  Do I really have so much else to do that I neglect this valuable --bankable-- asset that brings me, and others, so much joy?

If you're in the area, I'd love to see you on Sunday - stop by between noon and 5 PM.  They have a great buffet at Whole Foods, plus lots of wholesome groceries.  If I leave there with more money than I arrived with, it will be a miracle.

Thank you to my sweet friend Jill who helped me decorate my hats and kept me company while I finished up UFO's today in the LRB.  Good luck on your new job, Jillers - come back to the farm soon!


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