We Have Goats!

Today I met the four-footed, curly coated, swoopy-horned, liquid-eyed producers of the Jacob's Reward Farm mohair supply!  Ok, technically, they don't belong to me - they belong to Wanda and her five lovely children - but we've adopted them, and brought their fiber home to share with you.

You all know that over three years ago, our own Laurie began spinning a yarn that captivated everyone, and brought in big bucks for her hand spun skeins--these were in high demand.  These skeins featured baby-soft kid mohair curls tail-spun into her wool yarn in colors that made you want to eat them with a spoon.  And knitted up, they could make a grown woman drool.

Well, it's a miracle... Providence brought us another incredible affiliate farm with some of the softest, cutest goaties around, and now we have curls.  You can make some of that luscious "Laurie" yarn for yourself.  But let's not get ahead of ourselves.  I want you to meet Wanda and her gorgeous herd:

Laurie (my mohair go-to-gal) accompanied me to meet my new friend, Wanda and her great family.  Sweet Wanda is on the left here, with two of her human kids - Hannah and Tabitha.  These girls know how to handle goats.  They show their goats at the State Fair and at fairs across the state.

Here's one of their magnificent bucks.  He's a grand man, and he knows it.

Another wonderful buck.  Those shiny ringlets on his face just slay me.  The boy's fiber is neon-bright, shining in the sun.

These little breeding does don't like attention - much.

One little kid caught Laurie's eye, and she asked for a closer look.  This little girl, called Sock Baby, just won her heart, with her impish attitude and bell-bottom leg fiber.

Her little baby locks are just as soft as her sweet gaze...

Once we'd given her a thorough look-see and oohed and aaahed till we were blue, we let the babies gambol back to their barn for a nap.

In good homesteading style, the farm also boasts a lovely pair of ducks who followed us around the yard, making quacky commentary.

And we met beautiful Bedazzled, the half Arabian, half Pinto mare.  Love her!

Back at the house we met the boys, and had a great time talking goat lineage and fiber experiences.  These young people love working with their animals, and were such fun to talk shop with... we have a lot in common.

Wanda's family also has a wonderful treasure in their bees.  Their little hobby turned into a big family project, and their honey is winning awards and accolades.  Yes, I brought some home.  Just say the word and I'll hook you up...

Laurie and I both came away with a very nice haul of both washed locks and raw fiber.  We'll be washing this and packaging it up for sale in the LRB.  Some of it just might have to find its way into the dye pots, doncha know.

Thank you so much, Wanda, and family, for hosting us today and spending so much time making us feel right at home.  We share very common visions for our farms, which makes us instant family.  I know we'll be seeing a lot more of each other in the months and years to come.  Your critters are incredible, and we'll do everything we can to get your beautiful product into appreciative hands.   And thanks for letting me adopt your goatie brood - We LOVE them!


  1. That first picture is so adorable: "Won't you please scratch my chin? Just a little teensy scratch? Please?"

    Those are beautiful goats and I'm sure that you will all become good friends as well as business partners!

  2. Anonymous7:29 PM

    Gorgeous goats! Ciny, you must put me in touch with these folks, I could clearly use some grooming advice from them, mine are filthy!

  3. Kristen - keep in mind that up until yesterday, we hadn't gotten measurable rain in months! That helps everyone stay shiny clean!

  4. Man, does this ever look like a fun day! I wanna go next time!!! :o)


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