Whole Foods - Whole Lotta Fun

TGFD.  It stands for Thank God for Dina. 

I rushed out of church yesterday morning to get my booth stuff over to Whole Foods for the art and craft fair, and found Dina waiting for me, to help me unload and set up.  Thank God, indeed.  With her help, we had the stuff ferried in from the parking lot and set up in three shakes of a lamb's tail.  Instead of having to slap it all up by myself, I had a funny, encouraging friend right there with me. 

And we met our neighbor, Beth, whose business, Caprichos Studio features some gorgeous jewelry, hand painted fabric bags, paintings, and lots of other cool stuff.  She's a hoot, and we really enjoyed wiling away the hours together while no one bought anything from us.  (Insert silly grin.)  Dina knitted, I spun yesterday's dyed roving, and Beth and Dina talked quilting for a bit.  There's never a dull or wasted moment when several devoted crafters occupy close quarters for a spell.

Alright - it's not exactly true that we sold nothing - young Miss Janie and her grandma bought a hat and scarf (modeled above) and lots of people took business cards and farm brochures, and that makes the day a smashing success.

Our friends Judith, Burt, Rita, Lawrence and Brent, and my own sweet Ted and Emma also stopped by to cheer us on.  I even spoke to a couple of people who knew of the blog, and who had read the Allen Image article from a couple of years ago.  That's really amazing to me.

We made a couple of bucks for the Whole Kids Foundation, and we spread the word about all the wonderful gifts the farm has to offer.  All in all, a grand day, productively spent.   Another one in the win column.


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