Yes Sir, Yes Sir, Nine Bags Full

Aren't these pre-fall days a welcome relief?  The morning temperatures gave me the feeling I could move heaven and earth today.  In reality, getting one thing done on my list was plenty, and took everything we had to give.

The "we" here is Daniella, Dina and me.  Daniella is our new friend who came with Anela one day, and decided to adopt the farm community (friends whose names rhyme - very fun).  She's originally from Romania and had amazing tales to tell about growing up as a child in a communist country.  It's hard to imagine a life where you wait in line at different stores all day long to buy your basic necessities, and maybe when you get to the front of the line, there are no more necessities.  Next time, we'll have Daniella tell us stories about her years living in France!

Dina you know - she's the sweetheart who's capacity to give has not yet been exhausted - my, how she can pitch in!  And creative ideas...  she amazes me.

These two ladies, learning as they went, helped me push a whole lot of fiber through the process from dirty to clean, and then to dry.  We worked in the pleasant temperatures under dappled shade in a gentle breeze.  This kind of weather is too, too perfect for fiber prep. 

Next stop - mail the boxes to Lynn at Spinderellas.  A fine day's work.  There are buckets of lovely fiber left to prepare, but this was a big hunk of it.  The chickens can wait a day or two to get their coops cleaned.  Today, it's all about the fiber.

How did you spend your sunny Saturday?


  1. Sounds like you had a lovely day. I decided home was where I needed to be today--finishing projects, focusing on day-to-day stuff that gets put off during the week, but needs to get done. Play time at the farm will come, though--just not today. Glad you got so much done, though. xoxo

  2. We were thinking about you, Mary, and talking about how that job has been a blessing to you, but how it cuts into your farm time ;-). We miss you and can't wait till it works out for you to be with us again! Mwuaaa!


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