Family First

John Lennon is not my favorite philosopher, but he got it right when said that "life is what happens while you're busy making other plans." 

While I was busy working the farm and its various associated events and projects, my daughter's life started to take some twists and turns.  DH and I, after lots of counsel, prayer, gut hunches, and agonizing, decided that at this point in her life, the absolute best thing for her would be a radical change of environment.  And the only place on earth that seemed to make any sense--the only place I trusted to relocate her to-- was with my sister's family in Hawaii.  She has cousins, a grandmom, pets, the beach, mountains, and all the sushi she can eat.  Everything about it seems perfect, except that it's 4500 miles from us.  That was the big pill for me to swallow.

So, yesterday, she and I hopped on a plane to Honolulu for her to start a very special chapter in her life.  I get to stay a while to help her settle in and get into a new groove.  An enforced working-parent vacation.

In the first 24 hours, we've had quite an adventure:

My sister and Em's cousin Rachael met us at the airport

Emma immediately cozied up to Blue, the Sheltie

The backyard

...complete with hibiscus flowers.

This morning, our first trip to the beach at sunrise...

Cousin Rebecca came along for the ride.

Emma gets her feet wet

Yeah, nice scenery on every side

Emma's view from her bunk bed.  Sad, huh?

An afternoon hike with cousin Stephanie

Checking out the 100+ year old ruins of a Hawaiian summer palace

Steph on the rocks

Emma in the stream

Pool at the bottom of the stream, with the air heavily scented with ginger flowers

Ouch.  The price of Paradise.
So, thanks for all of your notes and messages of love and concern.  We're all fine, but we had to take a time out to make sure the family needs came first.  This will also be a time of reorganizing and reevaluating priorities when I get home.  I appreciate your patience as I try to get back to what's really significant in this life, and what is just noise.

The farm is not going anywhere, and neither is our mission.  But the day-to-day routine may look a little different going forward.

I'll try to check in a few more times from the land of Aloha, and I'll let you know when I get home.


  1. The best decisions usually aren't the easiest, especially for parents. Emma is sure blessed to have such an incredible family who loves her and this amazing opportunity for external and internal exploration!

  2. ***PLEASE ADOPT ME***
    I would love to travel to Hawaii!

    It's amazing what a person can accomplish when a family gathers in love and support for those who need it most.


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