Nine Thousand Miles

Took my last look at Diamond Head last night out of the airport window.  Seems I'm always a little weepy at this airport.  This time was no exception.

My stay provided unprecedented opportunities to visit with my family, relax, and get a long break from farm chores.  But I knew I was leaving my one-and-only child behind when I flew home, and that (as awesome as it is for her) was very, very tough.  I clocked forty-five hundred miles each way.

So I stopped at a kiosk in the airport to buy my umpteenth plumeria cutting to take home (hope springs eternal) and look what I found hanging on the rack (above).  Yes, really.  Choke, sputter, sniff...

One happy surprise - I fell in love with a local artist while I was there, and had a hard time finding any of her prints online.  But high overhead as I walked down the concourse was this huge, gorgeous tryptich of hers.  (Couldn't get it all in one shot)  The artist is Pegge Hopper.  I just love her minimalist style, and the way her Hawaiian women are always pensively looking out to sea...

One seven-hour flight later, I arrived in Dallas, and finally, at the farm.  Hard to believe how much had changed in three weeks!

Most notably is Vanni - the boy must easily top out over a hundred pounds now.  He's filled out quite a bit, and grown into his feet.  One hundred pounds of loveable goo.  He was overjoyed to see me and leaned on me for the longest time while I squeezed and petted him.  Tella has filled out, too, and is absolutely overjoyed to be running loose with Judah in the sheep paddock.  They seem to be getting along quite well now.  Whew.

Ted did a great job of keeping everyone fed and happy while I was gone, but with his long hours at work, he wasn't able to keep up with a lot of the mundane maintenance.  I had a couple of hours of work today catching up before the next batch of rain blows through tonight.  And I'm still not quite sure what day it is.

It's so good to be home.  But I have a little startle reflex when I think about how far away my baby is.  I relax again when I remember what a great kid she is, and what good hands she's in.  I'm telling you this so you can remind me every so often...


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