Wrapping Up the Mission

Mission Accomplished.  As far as I am able to judge, I think my work here - settling in my daughter here with our extended family - is done.  My sister and her clan have opened a cozy, loving place in their hearts and home for our Emma, and I'm really very excited about the amazing future lining up for her here.  I've had a wonderful visit with everyone, done a bunch of relaxing and a few requisite tourist excursions, spent some very special time with family, and now it's time for me to head back to Texas.

Emma (front, with Blue the Sheltie) with her grandmother, aunt and uncle, and cousins galore.
This past week - the bonus week - allowed me to spend a little more time with Em.  We talked and shopped and tried to think of everything she might need in her new situation.  My sainted sister and I worked out Emma's schooling plan, and that is well under way.  She's really enjoying her Japanese class especially.

I tried to fill up on some island pleasures as well--oriental food, tropical breezes, sleeping in...  Yesterday after church, Emma showed off her growing ocean skills... she's always been quite the little fishy.  Uncle Mark, Emma, cousins Rachael and Andrew and I slipped away to the beach park for a couple of hours before heavy rains blew in.

The beach is a short walk from the main road in Kailua.
No lounging on the beach - everybody's in the water.  Except me.  Someone's got to capture the action on film.
Emma and Andrew work on their boogie board technique.
It's a small jump from mastering the boogie board to tackling the surf board.  That'll be next, no doubt.
Did I mention how much she loves the water?
She's a natural, and as my sister observed, fearless.
I had to get my toes into the Pacific one more time.   Those gentle waves and powdery sand soothe me more than an expensive spa treatment.
I'm going to miss the local fauna.  There are more lizards here than you can count.  And no snakes. 

Not all the fauna is exotic - feral chickens roam thickly all over the island.

Flocks of Common Waxbills visited the back yard, looking anything but common.  I couldn't get very close - here's a better photo.
(I'm really hoping our friend Jennifer Jurek will get some good wildlife photos when she visits here in a couple of weeks.  I didn't really have the time or attention to take advantage of all the gorgeous scenery during this trip.)

I did get a little knitting and crocheting in.  Here's the quick recap, as promised:

I finished off a cotton washcloth for my sister - and convinced her to actually use it.
Whipped up a quick striped hot pad just to wile away some time and use up some yarn.
And found a fun use for this bargain bin cotton I bought last year: a brainless shrug pattern, perfect for wear here in Hawaii.
My sister models the finished garment.  I've seen it on several family members so far.  I think it's a hit.
I don't think I've ever been away from the farm for this long, and Ted deserves a medal for all the extra work he took on, and the care he provided for the critters.  (Thanks also to Gail, who pinch-hit a couple of times.)  A little more than 24 hours left on the island.  Better go enjoy every last drop.


  1. Wow! What a grand adventure for Emma. All of you are so blessed in so many ways. What a beautiful family you have Cindy!


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