Boerne Bound

Today was spent making all the last minute preparations for the big Kid N Ewe Fiber Festival in Boerne - cutting PVC pipes for banner frames, cleaning out the back of the pickup truck, piling everything into the living room, packing bins and checking lists twice and three times.  I'll be pulling out Thursday morning with a loaded truck and two buddies - Laurie and Dina.

Anela kindly came by to lend a hand and to keep me focused and on track.  We hadn't gotten to visit in a while and it was great to have a pal for company while I thought through all my plans.

But Anela needed some good, old-fashioned critter time, so we made the rounds in both pastures, greeting all the sheep, alpacas and dogs...

...And a big ol' spider that freaked her out a lot.  Warning arachnophobes...

Personally, I appreciate these big, colorful spiders, who help us keep down the bad-bug populations, and let the world know that there are no icky chemicals around here that would chase the spiders off.

Anela was particularly enamored of the pretty chickens, sporting their beautiful fluffy feathers, back-lit by the evening sun.  Those girls are making sure I haven't overseeded my rye grass.  I hope it starts growing before they thin it out completely.

The main purpose of walking to the far side of the pasture was to greet Ms. Ruthie, but Vanni thinks it's all about him.

This big love muffin refuses to take a back seat to anybody else on the property.  I can't blame him.  He is magnificent.

If you are in the Hill Country this weekend and want to indulge your fiber sweet tooth, do drop by the Kendall County Fair Grounds (1307 River Road, Boerne) and check out dozens of fiber vendors with more good stuff than you can shake a stick at.  We'll be there in the STAR building - you won't be able to miss us.  I'll take the old laptop and try to send bloggy updates when I can.

Have I mentioned that 2012 SHARES ARE ON SALE?  Silly me.  Too preoccupied with Boerne.  Zip over here to the website if you'd like more information about our CSA shares.  They are already selling briskly.  We'd be honored to have you as a shareholder.


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