Found Treasure

I discovered for myself an amazing jewel today.  Our pal Gail picked me up early this morning and toted me to McKinney, a town dependably studded with squee-out-loud shopping and eating opportunities. I can always count on her to ferret out the coolest people and resources, especially in the area of local, healthy food, and she wanted to share her latest find with me. 

So today I met Matt, who owns Local Yocal, an awesome full-service butcher and local food merchantile in McKinney, Texas.

Matt and his family raise their own beef, chicken, lamb and more, all on grass, just like my hero, Joel Salatin.  Matt escaped the rat race a couple of years ago to share his amazing meat with the local community.  His goal was to ensure the healthy raising and the humane butchering of all his animals, so that they become the best meat they can be.  Then he stuck his neck out and opened a brick and mortar store, from which to share his localicious products.

But he doesn't just sell his own stuff - he stocks the natural, organic, amazing local goodness of dozens of other mom-and-pop producers in our area.  

You can find veggies, cheese, milk, eggs, yogurt, honey, soap, lavender, baking mixes, and lots more in his tidy storefront on Tennessee Street.  We got there about 8:30 AM on a Saturday, and we had the place nearly to ourselves.  I understand the place packs out later in the day, and on days when they host special events.  So go early and enjoy the staff's warm hospitality.

A committed carnivore, I just nearly drooled on his display case of beautiful meat cuts.  I showed a bit of restraint and only took home a boneless leg of lamb and some nice sausage for my next pot of bean soup.  And some cheese.  And a loaf of artisan-type bread.

Gail and I sampled some blueberry yogurt that was so good, it stood us on our ears.  We'll be back for more of that.  Immediately.

I feel really blessed to have places like this very close where I can spend my grocery money, knowing I'm supporting small, local businesses who live lightly on the land, and sustainably.

Pop on in there, if you're in the neighborhood.  You won't regret it.  Tell Matt I say hi.


  1. We love Local Yocal and Matt is always friendly and helpful!

  2. The link to Yocal Local doesn't work. In the URL, You put a "k" in Yocal instead of a "c."

  3. Thanks, Ray - it should be fixed now... That's what I get for working with technology so late... ;-)

  4. Heather Durazzo5:49 PM

    this is in the same square as Josh's Star Wars store. Maybe I'll check it out next time we go out there!

  5. What a wonderful place. Just looking at the photos made me happy. Appreciating your friendship and Gail's!

  6. $5.99 lb whole packer briskets/ $6.00 lb spare ribs/ $5.00 lb pork butt/
    good luck with all that.

  7. Anonymous5:55 PM

    Heard Matt badmouthing a couple of local businesses the other day and buying from someone not local. Practice what you preach and don't badmouth other businesses!


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