Impressionable Minds

I so respect moms who take the responsibility to help their kids gain knowledge and wisdom from a very young age.  These lovely learners came to the farm today to see what treasures they could uncover out in the country.

Some of the moms had rural upbringing, and wanted to share that with their kids.  And I'm just biased enough to think that JRF is the most wonderful place to get an introduction to outdoor, domestic critters.  Ruthie is one of the best ambassadors we have.

The pacas were on their best behavior, with Ruthie tending the kids at the fence.

She really takes a personal interest in our little visitors' welfare.  Love this dog.

Even though they were a very young group, I think they'll take away sights, sounds and impressions that will stay with them, and inform their value systems regarding our partnership with farms and farm animals.

And they're ready for anything in their yellow Wellies...


  1. How can you post a photo of a great sweater on a fiber blog and not tell us if it is handmade?! Did you ask the lady in the red sweater if she had knit it? I love it!


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