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GrandmaTutu working on the farm
 Wow, you guys are good.  You gave us so many great ideas for making the farm greener and groovier!  I hope we can do all of them!  I promised you a re-cap of all the ideas and a winner.  Some are harder than others, but if we all pitch in, we can make it happen.  Here we go.  You're going to like these:

Cindy (not me) suggested using leaves for mulch in the garden, changing our lightbulbs to earth-friendly versions, eating pie and wearing comfortable shoes.  I'm working on the last two right now, you'll be happy to know.

Judith wants me to hire out as a mobile teacher-consultant.  That's a great one.  I'm on it!

Peggy R wants us to consider rain catchment, solar panels and bagging manure - all of which seem like doable ideas.  Thanks, Peggy!

Fran says fleece makes a good ingredient in compost, and that's also an easy one.  We can do some of that today!  When I get through skirting fleeces, all the stuff that doesn't make the cut can go straight into our compost pile!  You're rocking it, Fran!

Gail tossed out the ideas of wind power (we saw a wonderful DIY version at Homestead Heritage last week), French intensive gardening, and newspaper mulch in the garden.  We have used some newspapers in the garden to cut down weeds, but, ahem, not nearly enough.  We'll get on that right away.  We'll tell you when it's time to bring your extra papers...

Ashley wants us to grow Christmas trees, and you know what?  I'm going to mull that one over.  We have a lot of property that isn't being used to its best advantage, and that's a fabulous idea.

Peggy HR had a list of wonderful ideas: Bees (we have totally been trying to make this happen), vermiculture (just found a very cool site the other day: Texas Worm Farm), solar cookers (we actually tried this once with pal Gail - you can see our attempt  here and you know I've been in the mood to cook lately), cheesemaking - wouldn't that be awesome!-- and making caps for charity.  Love it.  That's very close to my heart, and easily done.  We still have a big Yarn Storming stash that I'll be happy to dole out to anyone who wants to make hats for premies or cancer patients.  Just let me know!

E Andert also suggested knitting for charity, which tugs at me in ways that will really make something happen.  Let's mobilize on this one.

Anna echoed the solar panel idea, and Gay reminded me about the value of Paca Poo as a fertilizer.  Carol asked about our progress on the sheep hut turned greenhouse, and we will see that one through very soon as well.

The Random Number Generator chose Karen as our winner, who has the most precious idea of carrying extra scarves with her when she's out and about so that she can spontaneously gift a homeless or needy person with a handmade gift of warmth and love any time the opportunity presents itself.  I can't tell you how wonderful that idea is, Karen, and I'm happy to have some fantastic Prize Cotton to reward your generous heart.  Please e-mail me your particulars so I can get your cotton to you (

This farm stands as a loving work in progress.  The whole community has pitched in to make it what it is today, and the community will see that it grows into what it can become.  I'll keep you updated on how we plan to start working on some of these ideas, and how and when you can get involved.

You Guys Rock.  Givers live lives of joy.

Yes, I believe she looks happy!


  1. The bees sound a wonderful idea Cindy! Not only for honey, but you can make rolled candles from the wax and maybe sell them as well. Not too sure about the energy saving light bulbs, our governmant here,is trying to get everyone to use them, but we find for craft work they are too dim. When you have to dipose of them (and they don't last any longer than conventional ones in our experience) you then find the refuse collectors and the garbage dumps don't want them as they contain a lot of mercury! Love the other ideas though!

  2. DRYER BALLS!!!! Make and sell felted dryer balls. I would buy some and I could sell them at school for you.

  3. What a list of great ideas! And FYI--the City of Plano offers a great course on vermiculture. Plus I did an article on it for the Allen Image a few months back. If you don't have it, I'll dig it out for you.

  4. These ideas are great! I love planting Christmas trees!!! Wow . . . that's a great idea. Love the pix--one of my happiest days working on the farm. xoxo

  5. Anonymous9:09 AM

    Hello from Americus, KS
    Our 4-horn jacob was stolen from our farm and I am trying to pass the word so if anyone trys to sell him they will know that he is stolen.

    Thank you
    Theresa Klaus


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