Muddy Feet

We are all so thankful for the rain we got the other night.  Here's what it does to our little tootsies.  Mmm-mm.  Black clay.

Muddy feet can be a little awkward, but they also mean happy grass seeds and happy farmers.  Thank you, Tutu, for leaving your Crocs here for me to tramp around in on muddy days.  Sometimes I come in from chores with little muddy polka dots on the sides of my feet, but it's all good.

~~~~ + ~~~~

Hey, ya know what?  This is my 900th blog post.  Nine Hundred.  Did I have that much to talk about?  In any case, I think it's high time for a celebration.  On Friday, in my traditional tryptophan-coma, I'll post a really fun giveaway to celebrate this landmark.  See you then...

Have a blessed Thanksgiving, wherever you are, whatever your circumstances.  I pray the Lord's grace and mercy be with you and all those you love.  I count you as one of my most precious blessings, dear friend.


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